Buffy was adopted from a western North Carolina Humane Society in 1990.    Since Fred and Edna Koch did not know her birth date,  Buffy was assigned Edna Koch's Month and Day of birth.   The date was also assigned to the puppy  Danielle found in Miami at the same time.

     Her Corgi genes and appreciation for adoption quickly turned Buffy's relationship with Fred and Edna into a perfect world for all three.   Buffy was with both Edna when she died in 1995 and then Fred when he died in 2000.

     Buffy moved in with Danielle,  Domino,  Mark and Chris in 2000 and after a few weeks of mourning for Fred,  became an active happy part of our family.

     Her uncanny desire to say HELLO to any human was her trademark.   Walking down the street,  If Buffy saw anybody,  she wanted to greet them.    I owe her friendliness to an introduction to a teenager that had vandalized our neighborhood.    His remark was that "She is the most beautiful dog that I have ever seen".   Thanks Buffy!,  we now speak often and the problems have stopped.

     With Buffy fades my last memory of a dog that could be walked without a leash.    In our society with many cars and (good) leash laws,   Buffy was leashed only because she had an insatiable desire to consume anything that she (and not I) considered edible.    There was never a problem of her running away or biting anybody.    She always obeyed her human escort.

     We will miss you Good Girl.   Now it is just us three guys sharing the space that you once graced.

      Buffy   12/07/1990 - 06/04/2003

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