Pete Jarrett (Mountaineer Nursery & Landscaping) was hired to Hydroseeded various areas of the property around May 20th.  My arrangement was to have the Dog Yard 100% grassed by the time I move up in October, and much of the rest of the bare spots taken care of  with the exception of a few steep slopes.  I have been told that no more than the cost of  $4833.92 will be charged to complete the job, and by summer 2008, the new grass should look like a golf course.

Little if any rain has fallen on the seeds, so I do not know if the bare areas will come to life at a later date.  Pete insisted that artificial watering would not solve the problem.

As of 5/21/2007, nature has not cooperated with my dreams so Pete will reseed the entire place near the end of August with hopes that the ground will be moist, and the new seed will have enough time to germinate and grow sufficiently before the ground temperature reaches 50 degrees.   If  this plan does not work, we will start again in spring of 2008.  Pete reassured me that I had paid for the job, and that he will keep at it until I am happy.

OH WELL!  As of 9/21/2007,  mother nature has not cooperated at all to assist in growing grass.  This has been a record dry season in Burnsville.  I will talk to Pete Jarrett when I get settled into my house sometime after October 15th, and we will discuss the next step... if any.


Pictures Taken On 4/30/2007 By Thom Koch

Pictures Taken On 5/18/2007 By Fred Koch, To Show Grass Progress.






Pictures taken on 5/21/2007